Monday 5 December 2011

Steam Effects

Steam Effects is an Android application(for OS 2.1 and above).
Steam on your loved ones!!!Choose a background and wipe on it and feel the droplet moving on your mobile screen. Its a FREE application.

 For those who cann't access android market can download from

+ Enjoy the moving water droplets.
+ Select a nice background and wipe with your finger where ever you want on the screen.
+The water drops always run down, even if you turn your phone.
+Configurable transparency value.
+Configurable brush size.
+Enable/Disable the droplet.
+Save the screen.
+Share to your loved ones using Email,Messaging,Picasa and Bluetooth.
+Move app to SD Card.

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Sketch Me Effects

Sketch Me effects is an Android application(for OS 2.1 and above) to create dramatic images by converting images to pencil sketch image. Pencil sketch everyone in an image, except for you. Its different from  other apps as you can apply colors to pencil sketch images and its for FREE. Change the color of anything using Color and Color Hue effects!!

You can download this from Android Market : .
For those who cann't access android market can download from

+ Convert images to pencil sketch.
+ Apply colors to pencil sketch images.
+ Recolor image with any color of your choice.
+ Color Hue and Color Effects.
+ Post to wall and Upload photos to Facebook.
+ Email paintings to friends.
+ Save the sketch to the SD Card.
+ Can Configure brush size in settings screen.
+ Undo your changes using refresh button.

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