Wednesday 8 June 2011

Color Splash Photo

Color your images through Color Splash Photo,an android application(for OS 2.1 and above).No Need to pay for, its a free app that lets users to make very nice photos with selective colorization effects.

You can download from
For those who cann't access android market can download from the below links

+ Pinch Zoom.
+ Convert images to gray color.
+ Color and Color Hue Effects
+ Recolor image with any color of your choice.
+ Image from FaceBook Albums.
+ Post to wall and Upload photos to FaceBook and Twitter.
+ Email paintings to friends.
+ Save the image to the SD Card.

+ Configure brush size in settings screen.
+ Undo your changes using refresh button.
+ Move to SD card option.

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  1. I like your app, but i dont got android on my phone... could you make a version for bada? (version 1.1)

  2. Thanks for showing interest in my App .But it is difficult to make it in BADA just for few people. It doesn't workout for me.

  3. Hi, i have just downloaded this app on my iphone - fantastic. do you do software for PC also


  4. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for showing interest on my App. I do only mobile apps.

  5. Agree with Tonyw, great app five stars, would love to see PC version, maybe a new project? lol

  6. I have a Galaxy Nexus and can't change the color in color do you do it?

  7. Any chance of a paid version without ads?

  8. Hi. I bought a Chromebook a few weeks ago and downloaded this app. It worked fine for the whole three weeks. It was the right size for chromebook. But, my Chromebook had a critical update last night that needed to be done. Ever since I did that update, this app doesn't fit the whole screen like it used to. Now, it's the size that would only fit a phone. I don't get that. Can you possibly help me out with it? Thank you so much.